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My name is Dave Stack and I'm the creator of Plugged In Cleveland.
I'm a geek at heart. I run Plugged In Cleveland as a hobby and to give back.

Plugged In Cleveland got its start in 2003 (pre-facebook) when I would post my going out pictures on my website for my friends to see and download.

With so many people, many of them I didn't know, coming to my website to check out my photos I decided to run with it and expanded the web site. I added sections to it like classifieds, dating, contractors, restaurants, real estate, rentals, coupons and more. Today Craigslist,, HomeAdvisor, Groupon, Yelp, Zillow have all done a better job then Plugged In Cleveland was doing so I no longer have those sections and I just focus mainly on event listings.

What I Hope To Accomplish With Plugged In Cleveland:
• To Keep things simple, honest, down-to-earth and fresh.
• Provide a platform where people can share useful and timely information.
• Provide an alternative to impersonal, hard to use, ad saturated corporate media sites.
• Build local community and make Cleveland a better place to live, work and play.

Feel free to E-mail me with suggestions, bug reports, gripes or compliments.