Plugged In Cleveland

Plugged In Cleveland

My name is Dave Stack and I'm the creator of Plugged In.

Plugged In Cleveland got its start back in September 2003 when I would simply post my going out pictures online for all my friends to see and download. This would save me lots of time from having to individually email them out to everyone after an event (remember this is long before the days of Facebook).

But I found that shortly after posting my pictures, many people than just my immediate friends were visiting the web site to view my pictures and adventures out. So sensing I had a captive audience, I decided to run with it and keep adding sections and features to the web site (in my spare time) and see where it would go.

Well, it has been many years now and the site has grown quite a bit from its days of being a picture posting portal. Traffic has exploded (over 30,000 page views every day!), and I keep adding improvements which in turn brings even more people to the site.


What I Hope To Accomplish With Plugged In Cleveland:
• To Keep things simple, honest, down-to-earth and fresh.
• Provide a platform where people can share useful and timely information.
• Provide an alternative to impersonal, hard to use, ad saturated corporate media sites.
• Build local community and make Cleveland a better place to live, work and play.

Feel free to E-mail me with suggestions, bug reports, gripes or compliments.