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April 2020
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Exhibition: "T ITL E TB D"

The Cleveland Institute of Art     
11610 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44106    View Map

March 26, 2020 6 PM to 8 PM

Join us for the opening of "T ITL E TB D," our spring exhibition in Reinberger Gallery, from 6 to 8pm Thursday, March 26.

The post-grad moment is the apex of an artist’s academic achievement: a taste of pride combined with a sense of groundlessness. Taking as a given that artists live precarious lives—no standard career trajectory, mentorship structures or silver bullets for success—what's supposed to happen when we leave the haven of academic training? As Kerry James Marshall once advised* a young artist-to-be:

“You are barely one year out of art school, so what you might be experiencing are symptoms of withdrawal, not unlike those associated with mind-altering drugs. You’ve been on a bad trip, and it’s going to take a little while to connect with reality. There are some things you can do, a few techniques that have worked for me, to minimize the confusion and trauma ... .”

Circling back on the limits of art school and disconnects between artist and student life, the exhibition’s participants interrogate myths of being an artist. Casting doubt over silky narratives like "art is a labor of love" and "love conquers all," "T ITL E TB D" reflexively explores these myths and offers generous strategies by contemporary survivalists. Rather than let student-artists succumb to free fall, "T ITL E TB D" signals a sustainable framework—where failure might be freedom, and where unfinished, cyclical or collective modes of production become contexts for care of oneself, an artistic practice, and our communities. What paradigms need be unlearned for artists to keep going? What hidden forms of anxiety or pain encountered along the way need be affirmed, in order to maintain one’s generative reserves?

"T ITL E TB D" features work from ADMIN, Adult Kindergarten, Thomas Barger, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, GenderFail, Jeff Kasper, Ariane Loze, Natalia Nakazawa and Emily Mae Smith. It's curated by Meghana Karnik, and coordinated and produced by Reinberger Gallery Director Nikki Woods and Project + Visiting Artist Coordinator Kayli Salzano.

The exhibition runs through June 12.

*Kerry James Marshall in "Letters to a young artist," ed. Shelly Bancroft, Peter Nesbett, and Sarah Andress (New York: Darte Publishing, 2006), 25-29.

Image: “History has failed us...but no matter” by Natalia Nakazawa. Jacquard woven textiles, laser-cut Arches watercolor paper, leather, jewels, watercolor, photo transfers and acrylic on wood panels. Triptych, 40” x 30" each panel; 40 " x 90” together

Category: Arts

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Category: Arts

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