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January 2018
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The Unofficial Global Barrier-Centric Design Competition

June 24, 2017 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

SPACES, being a non-profit organization without the resources of a global superpower, has decided to implement a more efficient and economical procedure to request proposals for designing a physically imposing border along the US-Canada border than that of the US Department of Homeland Security's RFP for the US-Mexico border. We are issuing all relevant and/or pending revisions within this initial document and hope to clearly state our intentions, scope, requirements and dates. We do this with the vivid and immediate realization that the time frames of the DHS's official schedule are impractical, unrealistic, and, frankly, ignorant of the design process.

Why Canada? Arguably, it could be short-sighted to only close off one of our critical borders. Why limit an imposing physical barrier to just the border with Mexico? While Canada only has 29% of the population of Mexico, their border with the United States is over 3,600 miles longer (including the 1,538 mile border between Alaska and Canada), allowing for many more locations for illegal crossings. Considering the trade values between each county and the United States are nearly identical, the potential per capita value of each illegal immigrant would be significantly higher with Canada. Additionally, it may truly be beneficial to Canada to pay for this wall to protect its borders from the increased threats of United States citizens immigrating to its country.

For more info visit:

Sunday 1/21
SOLD OUT-Canvas & Wine on the Rails

Monday 1/22
Make Em Laugh Monday

Tuesday 1/23
The Mike Polk Jr. Show

Thursday 1/25
Eagles Tribute with Hotel California

Friday 1/26
Star Wars: The Last Jedi at The DOME

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