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October 2017
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First Annual Board Game Flea Market

July 21, 2017 - July 23, 2017

We're celebrating our Anniversary with our First Annual Board Game Flea Market!
Starting on Tuesday, July 18th, bring your old games, RPG books, and more to Critical Hit Games; the ones you don't play anymore, the ones that are taking up much needed shelf space, the ones you have extra copies of, etc. With them, bring us a list of the games and their selling prices. Critical Hit Games will sell these games for you, and you get the full price back as store credit!
Selling of these used games starts on Friday, July 21st, and continues over that weekend!

Sellers are responsible for double checking games for missing or damaged game components. Sellers having difficulty setting prices can contact Critical Hit Games for suggestions, but we will sell at the price you set. Sellers are responsible for collecting store credit and any unsold games by no later than July 30th.
All items purchased as part of this event cannot be returned or refunded.

Saturday 10/21
Cleveland Bazaar in Market Square Park

Sunday 10/22
Cleveland Browns vs. Tennessee Titans

Monday 10/23
Slow Roll Cleveland

Tuesday 10/24
Arlo Guthrie – Re:Generation Tour

Wednesday 10/25
Peppa Pig Live!

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