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October 2017
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True Crime Cleveland Double Feature

August 13, 2017

True Crime Cleveland captures a classic mid-century city on the make and on the move, the fifth largest town in America by the 1930s. But at its peak any place has it problems, and Cleveland had more than its share. Produced and edited for StoryWorks.TV by Mark Wade Stone, these documentaries – as refreshing as a stiff breeze off Lake Erie in January – are anchored by true crime author James Jessen Badal, and feature music by Carl Michel.

• The Day Marilyn Died (2008, 28 minutes) Episode 1/Doris O’Donnell’s Cleveland
Did Sam Really Do It Or Not? – Bay Village osteopath Sam Sheppard told a wholly preposterous story about the savage bludgeoning of his wife, Marilyn, on the Fourth of July, 1954. But none of the evidence collected in the first few days pointed to anyone else but Sam. Awarded 2008 Regional Emmys for Arts/Entertainment and Music Composition.

• The Fourteenth Victim – Eliot Ness and the Torso Murders (2003, 79 minutes)
What Killed Eliot Ness? – Eliot Ness was recruited in 1936, well after his Chicago days, as Cleveland’s Safety Director to modernize the city’s streets, reduce rampant traffic fatalities and get a handle on police corruption. But what became Ness’ undoing was a twisted master criminal known as The Butcher of Kingsbury Run – who left thirteen disarticulated bodies in his wake, and Ness’ reputation in tatters. Nominated for two Regional Emmys.

Produced in cooperation with the Cleveland Police Historical Society and Museum, Inc.; Proceeds go to the Cleveland Police Museum.

Wednesday 10/25
Peppa Pig Live!

Thursday 10/26
The Art of Longing

Friday 10/27
The Beach Boys

Saturday 10/28
Halloween Psychic Fair FREE Admission

Sunday 10/29
Shawn Colvin and Her Band - A Few Small Repairs 20th Anniversary Tour

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