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February 2018
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HD Takes on the World: Contentious Politics, Revolt & Revolution

March 6, 2018 19:30 to 20:45

During the last decade, social opposition movements, revolts, and protests have swept across the globe. From Iran to Palestine and Ferguson to Venezuela, protestors have braved dire consequences to make their voices heard. Revolutionary grievances have included socio-economic concerns, demands for gender equality, and calls for justice and dignity. But genuine social revolutions are rare and change fitful.

Here in the U.S., President Donald J. Trump’s tweets and unfiltered comments have angered world leaders and threatened diplomacy efforts in nations with tenuous relations to the United States. Seen from Washington, fears of instability and unrest often outweigh commitment to beneficial change. At the same time, activists across regions struggle to fashion bonds of solidarity turning local injustices into global campaigns.

Taken together, it often feels as if the global community isatthe brink of massive unrest. Is that true? What constitutes a revolution and a hope for a better world? What drives ordinary citizens to brave the risks of protest? When and why do political leaders decide to resist or reform? What happens when revolts fail - or when they succeed?

Location: The Happy Dog, 5801 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, 44102

Schedule: 7 p.m. Doors open
7:30 p.m. Event begins
8:45 p.m. Event ends

This event is free - no registration required.

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