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August 2018
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Can Release: Double Fleeb Juice and Nelson Vice

February 17, 2018 11:00 to 23:59

Join us at the brewery at 11AM Saturday Feb 17th for our next can release:

Double Fleeb Juice - Double NEIPA - 8.0% ABV
Description: We've optimized things at the brewery and are now able to extract twice as much Fleeb Juice per Fleeb. It takes a lot more rubbing during the extraction process, but we think it's worth it. Double Fleeb Juice is a bigger version of our first New England IPA, Fleeb Juice. Expect more of that juicy character from some of our favorite new age American-grown hops accompanied by a silkier body and higher ABV. As always, enjoy with good company. Cheers!
16 oz 4 pack - $19.99 - Limit 4 4 packs per person

Nelson Vice - Single Hop NEIPA with Nelson Sauvin - 6.9% ABV
Expect everything you love about Nelson Sauvin to take the front seat in the next iteration of our single hop NEIPA series.
16 oz 4 pack - $17.99 - Limit 4 4 packs per person

Event Logistics:
- Doors will open at 11AM. As you enter, you will be greeted by a Masthead representative who will give you a numbered card, which will finalize your place in line for purchasing cans. That same person will ask you how many 4 packs of each beer you would like to purchase. You will be given the corresponding number of tickets (different color tickets for different beers).

- On the three TVs behind the bar, visible from all seats in the taproom, will be displayed a "Now Serving" number, which corresponds to the number written on the card you were given when you entered. When your number gets close, bring your numbered card and beer tickets to the designated can sales register closest to the bourbon barrel racks to purchase your allotment. If you already have a tab open from one of the other serving stations, please bring a photo ID that matches the last name of the credit card you used to open the tab. Believe it or not, we've had issues at our previous releases with people stealing cases of beer by putting cases on "their tab" which happens to belong to someone else they saw in the taproom.

- Assuming you aren't one of the first people in line, feel free to grab a seat. The two serving stations on the front side of the bar will be dedicated to draft pours and food orders. No cans will be sold from these two stations. If you are seated at the bar, there will be a couple bartenders walking around to take your orders. You will still need to walk over to the can station when your number is close to being displayed on the TVs to purchase your cans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Why didn't you have a limit or allotment at prior releases?
At all of our previous releases, there was a 1 case (6 4 packs) limit per beer per person. Our bar staff operated by this policy 100%. If you saw someone sitting in the taproom with multiple cases, or saw a picture of someone with a large number of cases, remember that we have per person limits, not per photo. We've met many awesome people who bring their parents and/or friends along to our releases, who may or may not personally consume their own allotment, which is fine.

- Why don't you do online ticket sales of 4 packs?
Unfortunately, there are not enough 4 packs of beer to meet the increasing demand, much like other breweries. Regardless of whether we run these releases in the fashion described above or with an online ticketed system, not everyone who wants the beer will be able to purchase it, much like other breweries. We are working to increase our production for these can releases, and moving forward we will average 2 can releases per month, at each of which there will be two beers available.

- Can we bottle share at your brewery while we wait in line?
The sidewalk is public property and is subject to open container laws, so we advise you to not do that. Within our patio fence and inside the building is our permitted property, which does not allow for outside alcohol to be brought in and consumed. You are free to trade unopened beers on the sidewalk and return them to your vehicle. Definitely don't crack open our beers or any other breweries' beers inside, or we will confiscate them and chug them in front of you. Laws are laws, and clearly we didn't write them, but as an operating business that wishes to continue operating, we have to abide by them. Other breweries have private property that isn't within their permitted space, which allows for bottle sharing. Being in Downtown Cleveland, we don't have that luxury.

- Why can't I buy a growler of your NEIPAs?
This style of beer is particularly prone to oxidation. This manifests itself in many ways in the beer, none of which are good. Growlers are a resealable package, which allows for oxygen to ingress between pours and wreak havoc on the beer. On occasion, we will allow Crowler sales of certain NEIPAs, since they are not a resealable package.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has come out to our previous releases, been a fan on social media, told your friends about us, etc. We've learned a lot about making this style of beer and how to format the releases in the past few months, so thanks for the support and patronage! We will continue to purchase new equipment to help meet the demand. Cheers!

Saturday 8/18
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thru Sun Aug 19

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