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September 2018
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Thunder Dreamer / Extra Medium Pony at Mahall's

March 3, 2018 20:30

8.00 ADV / 10.00 DOS
DOORS @ 8:00
SHOW @ 8:30

Thunder Dreamer (Evansville, Indiana) - The words “We will destroy the Earth and all we’ve made” taken in their most literal form appear to be strikingly brutal. Approach it via its position in the opening track on Thunder Dreamer’s new LP, however, and the tone feels altogether more enigmatic and alluring. With its crushingly somber delivery, the words immediately create a palpable and dark romantic mood that sets the tone for the album to come. Indicative of a record that never once settles, even when it opens up into far more embracing moments of splendor, "Why Bother" immediately plunges the listener in to the heart of Thunder Dreamer’s work: ‘Capture,' the band’s most fully realized and affecting work to-date.

Extra Medium Pony- "Sometimes you’ve just got to bask in your own insignificance, you know? Spray it all over your body like some kind of cheap perfume, plug your shitty guitar into your shitty amplifier, and let that question that dominates every other waking moment — “What’s the point?” — wash over you like raw sewage. Cleveland-based songwriter Rick Spitalsky knows what that’s all about. The frontman of the wonderfully scummy indie rock band Extra Medium Pony has a knack for over-analyzing pretty much everything, including the fact that nothing really matters. "
-Consequence of Sound

Bummed Out - BUMMED OUT is Andrew Jurcak, Jeff Mather, James O'Malley, & Frank Wallis, an alternative rock band from Cleveland, OH that display tremendous diversity in their emotionally propulsive music.

Wednesday 9/26
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