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March 2018
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Free Lecture: The New Moon with Dr. Brett Denevi

March 1, 2018 20:00 to 21:30

Join Dr. Brett Denevi of Johns Hopkins University for this FREE lecture on Thursday, March 1 as part of the "Frontiers of Astronomy" series.

Although we may not think of the Moon as a dynamic place (the first lunar explorers described the landscape’s “magnificent desolation”), its past was one of intense bombardment, floods of lavas, and intrusive volcanism, and even today it continues to change. Understanding the Moon’s past and present may provide our best opportunity to gain new insights into topics as diverse as the early evolution of the Solar System and the timeline of the first development of life on Earth. The Moon also yields insights into how a planetary body evolves from a fiery magma ocean to a solid world still cooling off today, and how often asteroids and comets have struck the surface of the Moon (and thus the Earth) in the past and the present day. The last decade has seen a renaissance in lunar science due to a host of new missions and reexamination of old data and samples. This talk will focus on highlights of these recent results, their significance for our big-picture view of the Solar System, and where we should go next to answer some of our most important outstanding questions.

"Frontiers of Astronomy" is sponsored by Case Western Reserve University Department of Astronomy through the Arthur S. Holden, Sr. Endowment; The Cleveland Museum of Natural History; and The Cleveland Astronomical Society

Series Schedule:

Image credit: NASA Goddard

Monday 3/19
Live with CIFF at Great Lakes Brewing Co!

Tuesday 3/20
Beer School #23 with Burial Beer Co.

Wednesday 3/21
Runs on Tap

Thursday 3/22
Moody Blues Tribute by Time Traveller

Friday 3/23
Warrant / Jack Russell's Great White

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