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March 2018
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Cones of Dunshire: a Parks & Rec Party Game

March 23, 2018 22:00

The Cones of Dunshire is a brand new gaming experience!

The object is to accumulate cones. Four cones wins. But in order to get a cone you have a build a civilization.

But first Let me tell you more about the trivia cards.

- 50 players max, $1 participation fee per person. Come early to claim your real estate!

- This is where the spirit cards come in. Teams will answer Parks & Rec Related trivia to acquire Spirit Cards to build their civilization. 30 questions of Parks n Rec Trivia.

- Every 10 correct team answers = 1 spirit card, which can be turned into actual spirits aka Deeply discounted drink tickets.

- ONLY THE TOP 50% of team scores will make the 1st round cut and actually get to build a civilization.

- Civilization = a team jenga tower and a colored team cone.

- Each remaining team will be asked individual Parks & Rec Trivia. Get it right!! If you miss your question, you must roll a die.

- The number you roll determines how many pieces you must re-stack in your tower (ex: a roll of three = 3 Jenga moves). Standard Jenga rules apply, and each person on your team must rotate through.

- If your tower stays up, you continue in the game. If your tower is knocked down, you surrender your team cone (plus any additional acquired team cones) to the next team-- determined by individual coin tosses-- heads, cone goes to the team previous, tails and the cone goes to the next team.

- First team to capture four cones WINS the grand prize -- a very Swanson Treat Yo Self prize package-- A $25 Yuzu Gift Card + a bottle of Scotch + a spread of steak.

- This is a +21 & over event. No exceptions. Please bring a valid ID.

Monday 3/19
Live with CIFF at Great Lakes Brewing Co!

Tuesday 3/20
Beer School #23 with Burial Beer Co.

Wednesday 3/21
Accidental Comedy Presents: Modern Kicks Comedy
thru Wed Mar 28

Thursday 3/22
Moody Blues Tribute by Time Traveller

Friday 3/23
Wine ONLY Tasting with Simi Winery & Estancia Vineyards

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