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December 2018
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Book Signing: Jim Florentine- ‘Everybody I Awful (Except You!)’

May 27, 2018 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

JIM FLORENTINE is a stand-up comedian, TV host, actor, podcaster and voice artist. He is best known for co-hosting VH1 Classic’s heavy metal talk show series “That Metal Show” that ran from 2008-2015. Florentine is also known for his work on Comedy Central’s show Crank Yankers, where he performed the voices of Special Ed and Bobby Fletcher.
In 2017 Florentine released his book “Everybody is Awful (Except You)” In Everybody Is Awful, Florentine attacks awful people and awful situations with the same biting satire and cringe-worthy humor. Along the way, Everybody Is Awful takes readers through the author’s formative years, a time filled with rebellion and horrible behavior, to the crazy early days of his career as a stand-up comedian. Florentine also recounts how he developed an obsession with pranks that morphed into his uniquely vigilante style of comedy and made him one of the most legendary prank callers of all time.
Following the book signing, Jim Florentine will be performing at the Sachsenheim Ballroom at 7:00p for the first Fun-raiser supporting the non-profit 2018 Cleveland Comedy Festival (in November of this year). Proceeds from this show will also be donated to fellow local non-profit WAGS4Kids.

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A Christmas Story

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