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September 2018
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Art/Craft/Maker (28)
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Bars/Happy Hour (3)
Beer/Wine (15)
Benefits/Fundraisers (13)
Books/Literary (5)
Business (1)
Comedy (14)
Community (11)
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Education (21)
Ethic/Multicultural (5)
Exhibits/Shows (4)
Fashion (1)
Festivals/Fairs (29)
Food (17)
Health/Wellness (9)
History (9)
Holiday/Seasonal (68)
Home/Garden (3)
Kids (48)
Movies/Film (15)
Museums (11)
Music (132)
Nature (15)
Pets (2)
Religion/Spirituality (3)
Runs/Walks/Fitness (14)
Seniors (1)
Shopping (12)
Sports (21)
Talks/Discussions (20)
Technology (1)
Theater (124)
Tours (17)
Workshop (11)
Young Professional (4)

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The Sunday Beat: Luca Mundaca

May 27, 2018 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

“Luca Mundaca is a gifted young singer and songwriter. Luca’s music is a glorious blend of her native Brazil with a touch of downtown New York. She mines the deep melodic roots of her country’s heritage, creating musical gems that she polishes with the lightest of touches. A talent to watch.”

The Sunday Beat
Enjoy brunch at any one of a number of nearby eateries before heading up to our second floor bookstore for some feel-good world music. Show a same-day receipt from Prosperity Social Club, South Side, Fat Cats, Music Box Supper Club, or any of the Tremont brunch hotspots and save 10% off any purchase. You’ll also be entered into a same-day drawing for a chance to win a $30 Visible Voice gift certificate and a $25 Visible Voice Loyalty Card.
Along with free live Sunday afternoon jazz, Americana, samba and bossa nova performances, Visible Voice now carries the Sunday New York Times. Buy a Sunday New York Times and be treated to one (1) cup of coffee OR tea and an Alesci’s pastry on the house. Whether you want to dive into well-researched stories, check out the Sunday book review or attempt to solve the crossword puzzle, savor your reading time along with an exceptional local baked good.

Wednesday 9/19
Zoso - A Tribute to Led Zeppelin

Thursday 9/20
Matt and Kim

Friday 9/21
78th Street Studios Third Friday Art Walk

Saturday 9/22
Burton Antiques Market

Sunday 9/23
Ohio City Street Festival 9/23

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