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September 2018
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For the Love of Cleveland: The Power of Place

June 12, 2018 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

In some cities, the architecture and design of new structures is prioritized over function, devaluing how they shape the human experience and how they interact with the existing neighborhood and streetscape. Rather than creating or enhancing an overall sense of place, these structures, while beautiful, exist in isolation rather that contributing to overall urban vitality. In others, function and activity prevail, but those structures fail to provide a sense of creativity, imagination, or inspiration for the residents who use them.

Cleveland is in a unique situation. Migration and economic development in the urban core has led to new construction projects alongside the renovation of existing historic buildings for new purposes, creating tension among existing residents and those who seek to capitalize on economic opportunities. Can city-building be a shared experience between developers, architects, and residents? How can we balance form and function – the design of beautiful, iconic structures with the creation of authentic, meaningful places that all can use and enjoy?

Join us for the second forum in our For the Love of Cleveland: The Power of Place series, a free conversation in Public Square with local leaders exploring some of Cleveland’s current design projects including the Cleveland Public Library's MLK Branch design and Clark-Fulton's Dollar General store.

For more info visit:

Thursday 9/20
Matt and Kim

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The Gordon Lightfoot Tribute by Mike Fornes

Saturday 9/22
The 46th Annual Yankee Peddler Festival
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Ohio City Street Festival 9/23

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20th Annual Taste of the Browns

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