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Olive Garden

3725 Orange Place
Beachwood, Ohio 44122


American,Italian, $$,$$$

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Reviews of Olive Garden




agree with Steve

I have to agree with Steve. And see my review at OG in Parma .Food at OG is not authentic Italian regardless of what Elise says. So you work at OG and how do you know what authentic Italian food is? if I may ask. Did they send you to Italy? If they did and you are saying that OG has true Italian food then you really didn't learn anything in Italy. I don't really want to seem rude, but I am from Europe and ate lots of Italian food and know how it's cooked over there, but I am not going to tell you how. It's funny Steve that you mentioned Buca diBeppo. I've been there only once and really their food sucked, nothing to do with authentic Italian food. i ordered some pasta and they boiled the pasta in water and just dumpped the souce on it and that's it.All this for $15 in 2000.

Review by Bea from parma posted August 06, 2010




another response to steve

Dude. Chill. The prices are not that bad. What restaurants are you going to that you can find pasta for under $15??? And it may not be in New York, but it is in Beachwood, which is wealthier than a lot of Ohio. The prices are really not that bad and the portions are GOOD. Olive Garden is not exactly McDonalds, which is where you should go if you want to super size your meals for under $10. Just saying.

Review by Katrina from Mayfield posted May 21, 2010




Responds to Steve from Mentor

I think the food is well priced and the enviorment is perfect. I agree that a lot of the food is not italian but if all the menu items where italian it would not appeal to the wide variety of guest they have. Now to the pricing of the food I think its reasonable for the quality of the food. I'm an employee at the Olive Garden and I know that the food is worth the price because it's real food, its not processed junk that most other cheap restuarants serve. You pay for what you get. If you want your food to taste like it comes from a drive thru window you won't pay as much. But if you want a quality meal in a clean restuarant you going to spend a little more. I've also been to Italy and I can tell you there portions aren't nearly as big. But, I guess its the american way to just want more of every thing. So i say to the Olive Garden good work. I also hope that Steve doesn't take this offensively but just as knowledge because I know he's not the only one that thinks this way. Steve I hope you really do come back to the Olive Garden because your missing out on some delicious cuisine. P.S. I know everyone is intitled to there own opinion.

Review by Elise from Euclid posted April 19, 2010





First off, the Olive Garden does not even serve real Italian food, but a lot of people don't seem to realize that. It's funny that it considers itself an Italian restaurant, yet hardly any Italians are seen in there when I go there. Gee, I wonder why. They make it seem like it because of the atmosphere. Yeah about that, for the prices on their food, all you are really doing is paying for the atmosphere. The prices keep going up and up every year and the portions of the food stay the same. For the Tour of Italy, yeah $15.50 my behind. I can't justify one small piece of chicken parmesan, a half serving of fettucini alfredo, and a little square of lasagna equaling $15.50. I mean the portion is the portion that they give you, but it does not equal the price of $15.50. You either give more food for that price or lower the price for what they give currently. Simple concept. This goes for other dinners like the chicken parmesan, yeah 2 small pieces of chicken for $14.50? This could be true in New York but not Ohio. Even pasta on the side still won't make it worth that much. Flat out ridiculous on the prices for everything on the menu. It's this kind of activity that Olive Garden keeps doing that will increase the disloyalty towards the restaurant. Now I am not questioning their service because they do have decent service all around, it's just the food being overpriced that has kept me from going back there. You would think they would learn a lesson from Buca diBeppo but I guess not.

Review by Steve from Mentor posted July 27, 2008

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Olive Garden, Beachwood

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