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Abuelo's Mexican

26100 Harvard Rd
Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44122



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Reviews of Abuelo's Mexican




The quality has gone "South" of the border...

We were fortunate to get a table with short notice on a busy Friday night. To start,we asked our server,"Rich" how much a top shelf(Don Julio tequlia) pitcher of Margarita's would cost, and were stunned when told it would be $55 for a 32oz pitcher. We opted for beers instead. We chose a simple appetizer for the table (Abuelo's Dip Sampler)... Queso Diablo - a rich, spicy combination of traditional Mexican cheese and chili, Chile con Queso and Avocado Cream - a cool and soothing guacamole dip. It was ok, the small (monkey dish size cups ) were 2/3 filled, which made it seem like the kitchen scraped the bottom of the pan for our app. Oh well, another round of beers...For our entrees we ordered, a child's chicken tender meal (for the well behaved 20 month old with us),3 Enchilada dishes,and 2 of us decided to try the double (for 2 portion) of Fajitas. Which included bacon wrapped shrimp,marinated steak, pork tenderloin, and Yucatan shrimp. We waited quite some time, time enough to observe the service staff, and how much they seemed to dislike working at Abuelos,(one "female" server could be seen emphaticly mouthing curses under her breath in the dining room, another "very rotund" server couldn't seem to be able to stand for any period of time, and could be seen by all sitting in a small service station in the corner, apparently trying to stave off a coronary.)After the long wait, a server (not ours) brings our food to our table, and begins to auction our food to us, I really hate when this is done. Why can't "professional" service staffs master the pivot point system? (A universal system, where every table has a number 1 position, and all other positions are numbered relative to the never changing #1) that way anyone bringing food to another servers table, doesn't have to "auction" off the food. The delivering server seemed like she too was swamped, and departed as quickly as she could. No wonder she did, the food was FUBAR. The enchiladas had obviously been sitting a long time under the heat lamps, and had hardened, and the sauces atop them had become somewhat dry, and crusty. The childs food came after the enchiladas, and then after nearly 5 minutes, the fajitas finally arrived. The thing is, there was no tell tale hot plate sizzle announcing these fajitas arrival. To make it worse, our server "Rich" hadn't bothered to pre-set any of the entrees accompiniments (tortillas,picante sauces, sour cream,etc.) So we had to wait until these were prepped, and then brought to our table. By the time we began eating the fajitas, the dish was nearly cold. We were told that we were "given" 2 extra bacon wrapped shrimp (we felt this was in some way a form of an apology for the severe mis-timing of our entrees) It is easy to figure out what happened..."Rich" is in the weeds (he was also given another large party, right around the time our entrees should have been coming out, but were dying in the window in the kitchen), so in the meantime "Rich" is trying to fill the drink order of his other large table, and his other table(us)will therefore be getting old/cold food. That is poor work by the host/hostess, who should know how to seat better than that! The food was as you'd expect...the enchiladas were edible, but nothing special. The presentation of all the food was generic (think hospital cafeteria). The fajitas were just bad. The bacon wrapped shrimp was over cooked (no doubt from sitting under a heat lamp for 10 minutes, until an irrate chef screamed for a passing server to run it), the Yucatan shrimp was just plainly grilled, with nothing to distinguish it. The steak (which we asked to be medium-rare), was pitiful, a tiny, shoe leather, gristle laced piece of crap, that was apparently so tough, that the chefs knives just could seem to slice it. The pork was ok, just a little over cooked (again the heat lamps). When we were graced with our server "Richs'" presence again (nearly 10 minutes after our food arrived) We asked that the steak be exchanged for more pork ( this seemed to vex our server "Rich", as he was no doubt not in the chef's good graces any longer) After quite some time, out pork arrived, and with it was brought some Chorizo sausage ( again as a gratis peace offering I suppose). This would have been a kind gesture if 1.) I ate Chorizo (Mexican blood sausage 'aint for me), and 2.) if it weren't so damned over-cooked, as it so obviously was. By now, we all just wanted to flee. We were never asked if we enjoyed it, which judging be how much food went un-eaten we didn't. At the end of the meal, we just felt like we'd been cheated. Abuelo's has become another chain restaurant with poor food, rushed, and unpleasant staff, and over-priced food, and beverages. I place the blame on the owners, and the management. We won't be back...ever. Good luck keeping your patrons in this economy with such poor quality, Abuelo. Adios!

Review by Rusty Shackelford from Bedford posted November 14, 2011




I've Had Better

Nothing authentic about this food. A fancy Mexican name with all American cooks and staff. The only Hispanic in the entire place was the receptionist. Some of our orders came out without the correct side dishes. We were informed they would bring out the correct sides. Not long after we discovered we were given the order for the table next to us. By the time we found out we had already dug in. I was not impressed.

Review by Anonymous from University Heights, OH posted September 20, 2007




Have you been to Vegas?

We went with a friend who recommended this place and it was worth it. Really liked it. Nice decor, reminded us of Vegas with the clouds on the ceiling. The food was very good, large portions but not heavy. Always in search of a "good" mexican restaurant. Will go back again and tell others to give it a try. Hope you enjoy it like we did. Not overpriced but not cheap.

Review by Sharon from Cuyahoga Falls posted April 27, 2007

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Abuelo's Mexican, Warrensville Heights

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