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3099 Mayfield Road
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118




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Reviews of Rockefeller's





When we walked up the big staircase into the beautiful room I was almost giddy with anticipation. The fine looking young man who seated us was polite and prompt and appropriately attired. He proceeded to seat us in the 90% empty dining room. By the time we walked out at 9:30 we were the only ones left in the dining room on a Saturday night. The appetizers,tuna and calamari were good. But nothing special. The wedge salad was just two wedges of lettuce with a little crumpled blue cheese. I ordered the bone in rib eye. SOLD OUT... I wanted the prawns next... SOLD OUT... They only have 10 items on their entre' menu and 3 of them were not available. I settled for the pork which took 45 minutes to come out and it was COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! The greens on the plate were over salted and disgusting looking. This is where it gets bad. I told my server that I didn't want my plate and would like to pay for what I had and leave. So, I see this guy who looks like either the owner or the GM giving me the eye as he walks into the GROSS AND DISGUSTING bathroom. He comes out wiping his hands on his pants as he is walking up to our table. He then proceeds to stick his hand out to shake mine. UGH! This guys was out there, I don't know what he was drinking and or smoking but after telling him about my experience he said "Come with me" I said "Where" he said "to the kitchen, and you can cook it yourself" I said "NO, I am not going to do that, I just want to go". He got up from our table looked at my partner and said " I am sorry you have to deal with your friend here" and he pointed to me. We should have just walked out then. We should have just walked out when we saw the server wearing saggy jeans and an old sweater. Needless to say American Express will be getting a call from me in the morning and I will be disputing my bill.

Review by scott from Akron posted May 06, 2013





When we dined there, the owner had chosen to serve guests while simultaneously hosting a political fundraiser. There was a loud speech, made even noisier via the use of loudspeakers. When my wife and I complained to the owner about not being able to converse with each other due to the loudspeaker-amplified speech, the owner huffily stated that he was a lifelong resident of Cleveland Heights, believed in the community, and that it was his intention to have a similar fundraiser again next year. What being a lifelong resident and believing in the community has to do with serving guests I do not comprehend. The food was great, but if you do not choose to be an unwilling part of a political fundraiser and loud noise, you may want to call first and make sure that the only ones they serve that day are regular guests. The owner was very rude when talking to us, and we certainly will never return. Five star for food: zero stars for atmosphere. If atmosphere is an important part of your dining experience, beware!

Review by BR from Beachwood, OH posted August 31, 2011

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Rockefeller's, Cleveland Heights

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